AD106 Leadership Assignment

Module Code :- AD106
Module Name :- Leadership
Assessment Type :- Assignment
The purpose of the assignment is to assess if students are able to;
● Identify their own leadership competencies and styles, strengths & weaknesses
● Identify the range of leadership styles used in the workplaces and the impact on the workforce
● Understand how group dynamics can be used to facilitate the management participation and leadership of team work
● Understand the impact that effective teamwork can make to service quality and improvement
● Critically appraise leadership models in the context of personal application.
● Demonstrate enhanced under Standing of leadership theories personal leadership behaviours and how to utilise these in the workplace to best effect
● Understand how ethics, morals, and values relate to their leadership dilemmas.
● Learn the skills to engage in conflict productively and work toward conflict resolution
AD106 Leadership Assignment

AD106 Leadership Assignment

Information and Instructions to Learners:
● The recommended minimum word count is 2,000 words. Anything above +10% will not be marked.
● Appendices and reference list are excluded from the word count and will not be marked.
The reference style accepted is Harvard Referencing.
● Your assignment should be uploaded to Moodle before 11.59pm of 23 November Wednesday.
● It is advisable to keep the file format as PDF in order to avoid any discrepancies in the original document.

Choose a LEADER with whom you are familiar:
● It has to be a real-life figure
● The leader can be from any background, business or not for profit organization or association club or group
● The leader can be from Maldives or any other country

AD106 Leadership Assignment

Provide one page (up to 200 words) with background information on your chosen Leader:
● Name and short profile
● Nature of work
● Major events participated or pioneered
● origin
● Other key information

Assessment tasks
You are to assume a role in a local magazine as a writer.
Tasks 1 and 2 relate to the leader you have chosen, you are required to attempt all 2 questions

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