ABS301 The Global Economy Assignment 1

Subject Code & Title :- ABS301 The Global Economy
Assessment Type :- Assignment 1
Weighting :- 55%
Relevant chapters :- 1 → 5
Assessment format :- Report (.doc/.docx)
Length :- 2,500 words (10% allowable either way does not include title page table of contents appendix and references)
ABS301 The Global Economy Assignment 1

ABS301 The Global Economy Assignment 1

Specific requirements :-
» Use 8 to 10 references including chapter content, academic journals papers books sourced from the university library or other academic resources.
» Use either Times New Roman (12 pt), Arial (11 pt), Calibri (11 pt)
» Set page margins to 2.54 cm
» Double-space text including headings
» Include page number on every page

On completion of this subject, students will be able to:
a. Explain the concepts of globalisation and the global economy
b. Identify the various opportunities and challenges that the global economy represents for businesses of various types and sizes
c. Analyse global trends to inform business decision making

Prepare a report (2,500 words) based on the global trends and globalisation opportunities and challenges for
an organisation.

ABS301 The Global Economy Assignment 1

For this assignment, research and write an academic report analysing the global trends drivers opportunities and challenges for an organisation. Global trends are general movements over time that are detectable and measurable. Whereas drivers of globalisation are the policies and conditions that support globalisation. Some
examples are noted below but feel free to identify and justify other global trends and drivers of globalisation:

Global Trends Global Drivers
Overpopulation Digital Technology
Climate Crisis Shareholder Desire for increased Profits
Increased Inequality Corporate Trade Agreements
Environmental Threats Homogenization of Cultures

For your assignment, select a company from the list below. Additionally it is important to note you will use your selected company in Assignment 2 to develop the strategy and business plan for internationalisation.

Australia Ethical Investments Keep Cup
Ecosa Whole Kids
Lonsdale Solutions Twiice Edible Cups
Harvey Honest to Goodness
Bank Australia Karst Stone Paper
Hub Australia Clarke Hopkins Clarke

ABS301 The Global Economy Assignment 1

The following elements should be included in your report:

1.Company Overview
a. Provide a brief description of your selected global company.
b. Explain what the company does and how it does it.
c. Detail the company type and size.
d. Describe its key market and any foreign activities.
e. Outline any global market intentions the company may have.

2.Trends, Drivers, and Opportunities
a. Identify and describe a global trend and driver of globalisation that affects your selected company.
b. Identify three opportunities that will emerge from the interaction between your identified global trend and driver of globalisation. Your opportunities should serve to reinforce at least one key market or commercial opportunity for global market engagement. This will act as a bridge to your second assignment.

3.Organisation Challenges
a. Outline three key challenges your selected company may face in its globalisation plan.
b. Consider potential challenges from different perspectives like operational, policy/legal stake holders consumers markets industry and organisational factors. When evaluating key challenges for global market engagement or issue response think about costs times and commercial reasons as to why or why not this could be successful.

ABS301 The Global Economy Assignment 1

ABS301 The Global Economy Assignment 1


1.Title or Cover Page
2. Company Overview
3.Trends Drivers and Opportunities
a. Identified Global Trend and Driver of Globalisation
b. Three opportunities
4.Company Challenges
5.Conclusion Paragraph
6.Reference page (list in alphabetical order)
7. Appendix if needed

» If you are having trouble with the interaction among global trends and drivers of globalisation your academic instructor should be your first source for assistance.
» Have I demonstrated the ability to apply and integrate relevant theories, frameworks or concepts in my analysis?
» Have I developed an argument and demonstrated understanding of differing points of view?
» Have I demonstrated under standings of the relevance of the chosen concepts to the overall concept of globalisation?
» Have I used a wide variety of sources? Consider using both academic and industry sources.
» Does my assignment flow logically and sequentially?
» Have I met all specific formatting requirements?
» Does my assignment meet minimum length and reference requirements?

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