A20258 Stakeholder Engagement Assignment

Qualification :- BSB60720 Advanced Diploma of Program Management
Subject :- A20258 Stakeholder engagement
Assessment method :- Written Responses
Weighting :- 50%
Unit of Competency :- BSBPMG634 Facilitate stakeholder engagement
A20258 Stakeholder Engagement Assignment

A20258 Stakeholder Engagement Assignment

You need to complete all parts of this template based on the case study provided You can create a program of work for the company in the case study and this assessment is to create a stake holder engagement plan for the program of work. You will need to include internal and external stakeholders in your plan. Successful completion of this assessment meets the following performance evidence:

1 – Introduction
Work program overview
Provide an overview of the program (including what the program will deliver and organisation objectives).
KE – key program and organisational objectives

2 – Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement
Complete the stakeholder table below and include at least 5 stakeholders – you must include at least 2 internal stake holders and 2 external stake holders to make up the 5.

A20258 Stakeholder Engagement Assignment

• List the key stakeholder contact(s).
• Determine for each stakeholder their level of interest in the work program and ability to impact on its outcomes positively and/or negatively Use a scale of low, medium, high to assist with this process.
• Describe what you want from the stakeholder and what the stakeholder wants from you in relation to
this work program.
• What level of engagement – what is the stakeholders Current rating and what is their Desired rating:
Unaware Resistant Neutral Supportive Leading?
• List who within your program team is the person to manage the relationship with the stakeholder.

1.1 Identify and document program stakeholders and their communication needs as they apply to the
given program of work

2.1 Investigate document and consider the interests and expectations of pertinent stake holders when
making program decisions

KE – features of engagement models, benefits and applications
KE – forms and methods of stakeholder engagement
KE – features of various types and roles of program stakeholders

A20258 Stakeholder Engagement Assignment

3 – Communication Media and Methods
There are numerous media options for communicating with stakeholders for your work program eg. email social media meetings etc. There are also various methods of communication eg. verbal non- verbal. Complete the table below to assist in identifying the most effective media and method to communicate with stakeholders. You need to include at least 5 media/methods of communication. KE – features of several means media and methods of communication

A20258 Stakeholder Engagement Assignment

A20258 Stakeholder Engagement Assignment

4 – Stake holder engagement activity timetable
Complete the stakeholder engagement activity time table. You need to include at least 5 stake holders from question 2. For each stake holder you need to provide at least 2 engagement purposes. An example is provided of two engagement purposes for a stakeholder in red in the table.

• For each stakeholder determine the engagement purpose (eg share listen consult explore collaborate).
• Determine the engagement technique (eg workshops one-to-one meeting focus groups).
• Determine the frequency of engagement required for each stakeholder (eg daily, weekly, monthly,
quarterly annually).
• Provide a schedule outlining dates and locations where stakeholder engagement activities will take place.
• List for each engagement activity the designated activity owner (position title).
• Keep a record of activity progress (completed, ongoing, not yet started, etc).

A20258 Stakeholder Engagement Assignment

2.2 Develop and implement approaches to influence ongoing stake holder commitment in accordance with organisational policies and procedures
2.3 Share evolving stakeholder interests and expectations across the program
PE – use different communication approaches in different stakeholder contexts
KE – features of various types and roles of program stakeholders

4a. Explain what steps you will take to escalate when there is disagreement between stake holders interests and expectations

2.3 Share evolving stakeholder interests and expectations across the program

5 – Monitoring and reporting
• This a register to record key interaction with stakeholders and any follow-up actions required across the projects that are in the program of work to keep everything aligned with program objectives. Provide at least 5 examples of significant interactions with stakeholders from the projects within your program of work.

1.4 Monitor communication interfaces among constituent projects, aligning to relevant program objectives

6.Explain what key stake holders you have consulted with. Additionally what steps have you implemented to gain their approval of your stakeholder communication approaches in accordance with organisational policies and procedures?

A20258 Stakeholder Engagement Assignment

1.2 Engage with pertinent stakeholders and agree on communication approaches in accordance with organisational policies and procedures

7.What would be some key features of the organisation policies and procedures that you would need to adhere to in creating and implementing your Stake holder Engagement Plan?

  • KE – features of relevant organisation policies and procedures

8.You need to provide two examples of communication to one or more stakeholders for your program of work. From your list of stake holders in question 2:
a. First example of communication: create an email for 1 of your internal stakeholders and set it out like a full email including email addresses, date, etc.
b. Second example of communication: create a different communication for 1 of your external stake holders informing them of some thing related to your work program eg. A letter flyer meeting agenda etc.. It could be an email to a stake holder asking them for information it could be a general update about the work program etc.)

A20258 Stakeholder Engagement Assignment

1.3 Communicate information as planned and address identified variances

PE – provide examples of internal and external stake holder communications both formal and informal used in the workplace

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