9011PMGT Project Management Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- 9011PMGT Project Management
Weight :- 40%
Format :- 10 minute oral presentation recorded on Zoom (+10% tolerance)
Summary :- The first assessment focuses on a project’s purpose and definition For this assessment think like an executive or leader to reflect on and ask strategic questions such as why this project and what value does it create for whom in the long or short term multiple times to uncover the essence of the project its alignment with strategy its higher purpose and its fundamental reason for being.
9011PMGT Project Management Assignment

9011PMGT Project Management Assignment

The first assessment could help you think beyond and sometimes critically about the conventional business case mindset. The business case of Sydney Opera House an Australian national icon now was a complete disaster (Nieto-Rodriguez, 2021 p.2), as discussed in the following article:

Learning outcomes 
1. Demonstrate advanced understanding of project management principles frame works and contemporary topics (LO#1).
2. Critically analyse reflect on and synthesise complex information problems principles and frame works related to project management (LO#2).
3. Clearly concisely and credibly communicate project management knowledge to specialist and non-specialist audiences to inform practice (LO#4).

Task :-
Projects are the engines that drive change in organisations, communities and the world. A well-articulated and communicated purpose and definition can be a key driver for genuinely engaging stake holders team members and the organisation as a whole and motivating them to support the project through out

At its core an effective project definition clearly articulates why the project is needed what is expected to be accomplished given the stake holders expectations and how success will be measured in action.

You have the flexibility to select the context for this assessment You can define a new project or you can select an in-progress or completed project where you have a chance to redefine the project.

Then apply a set of relevant project management concepts and frameworks mainly discussed in weeks 1 and 2) to present the project’s purpose and definition to team members and the organisation as a whole. Specifically your presentation is required to include:

1. Project Purpose
2. Stakeholder Expectations
3. Project Scope
4. Project Priorities
5. Project Success Criteria

9011PMGT Project Management Assignment

9011PMGT Project Management Assignment

Requirements :-
i. The presentation is 10 minutes (+10% i.e. 60 seconds tolerance). It should be around 10 slides: a title slide, main slides, and a slide with your reference list. 
ii. At the end of your presentation, show your reference slide for at least 2 seconds.   
iii. Record the presentation using your AIB student Zoom account.
iv. You are required to use a minimum of six academic references All references need to be from credible sources such as books industry reports and journal articles.
v. Cite references on relevant slides and use author-date style referencing see the AIB style guide
vi. Your grade will be adversely affected if your assessment contains no/poor reference list and if your presentation is beyond the allowed tolerance level (see the Assessment Policy available on the AIB website)
vii. Slides are recommended to be prepared using MS PowerPoint.

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