3806NRS Professional Nursing Practice Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- 3806NRS Professional Nursing
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Word count :- 1500 words
Aim :-
This assessment task will allow you to apply the knowledge you have gained from Module 1 being a Registered Nurse with in an organisation Module 2 being a Registered Nurse within a team Module 3 Preparing to be a graduate Registered Nurse and Module 4 Being a Registered Nurse who Enhances Quality and Patient Safety towards demonstrating your understanding of the professional practices of Registered Nurses in the healthcare setting.
3806NRS Professional Nursing Practice Assignment

3806NRS Professional Nursing Practice Assignment

According to the Registered Nurse Standards for Practice (2016) in order to provide safe effective nursing care nurses must maintain capability for practice through lifelong learning and professional development Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA), 2017).

Task Description :-
This assessment item requires students to complete a written assignment This task will have three (3) separate components that you will submit as a single word document.

Component one :-
This component will assist you to generate an understanding of the application of the Registered Nurse Standards for Practice.
This is a critical component of a lifelong learning approach to continuing professional development

Access the NMBA Registered Nurse standards for practice and choose one (1) of the seven standards.
● Analyse the chosen standard discussing the responsibility and accountability of Registered Nurses and of the Registered Nurse as part of a team, in relation to the provision of professional nursing care. Use at least three (3) scholarly articles to support your analysis.

● Reflect on your experiences as a student nurse in relation to your chosen standard as a personal reflection which may be written in the first person that identifies your current knowledge and skills relevant to thisstandard. You can use first person in this section.

Component two :-
This component will assist you to generate an understanding of the concepts of management and leadership in health care system.
● Discuss and differentiate between management and leadership concepts and describe how development of leadership and management skills could be evidenced in a professional practice portfolio
● Use at least three (3)scholarly articlesto support your discussion.

Component three :-
Quality and Safety in health care provides a structure for effective safe and high quality practice in all aspects of patient care.This frame work developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care focuses on three core principles that care is consumer centred driven by information and organised by safety.

3806NRS Professional Nursing Practice Assignment

3806NRS Professional Nursing Practice Assignment

This component will assist you to generate an under standing of the application of Quality and Safety in relation to the healthcare setting.

• Discuss the importance of Quality and Safety in relation to health care and why Australian health care services must meet Quality and Safety standardsin their practice. Use at least four (4) scholarly articles to support your analysis.

Other Elements
● Always refer to the Health Group Writing and ReferencingGuide.
● You do not need to include an introduction or conclusion to this written assessment.
● Use a heading for each of the three components of the assessment.
● State your word count (excluding your reference list) on the Assignment Coversheet.
● Ensure that you use scholarly literature2 (digitised readings, research articles, relevant Government reports and textbooks) that has been predominantly published within the last five years.
● Use academic language3 throughout, unless otherwise indicated.
● Refer to the marking guidelines at the end of this document when writing your assignment. This will assist you in calculating the weightings of the sections for your assignment.
● Submit your assignment electronically as perthe instructions on your Learning@Griffith course site [Submit in the ‘assessment’tab].
● Please note that you MUST submit your assignment prior the due date and NO extension

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