3805NRS Health And Illness In Older People Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- 3805NRS Health And Illness In Older People
Word Count :- 750 words (20%)
AIM:  People aged 65 years and older constitute 50% of health service users. As people age they experience changes to their physical and mental function social environment and overall wellbeing. For those requiring health services, these changes are further complicated by illness (Moyle et al., 2014).
3805NRS Health And Illness In Older People Assignment

3805NRS Health And Illness In Older People Assignment

The aim of this assignment is for students to demonstrate an understanding of the complex health needs of an older person through presentation of a patient profile of a selected case from a clinical/ workplace experience in a practice setting community or residential or acute care.

Case study patient profile reports are an effective way to summarise an individual patient’s history symptoms, and conditions in the context of their lives (Mellerio, 2019). This assignment relates to Learning Outcomes 1 and 2.

For this Task you need to write a 750 word case study report of a patient you have encountered in a clinical/workplace experience community or residential or acute care.

Your Chosen patient must be :
1.An older person over 65 years,or over 55 years if the person identifies as Australia First peoples
2.Have at least 2 co-morbidities that impact on their functional status.

3805NRS Health And Illness In Older People Assignment

In your case study/patient profile report you must: 
1. Identify the person (the case/patient and summarise their family and social history ensuring you preserve confidentiality (you should use pseudonyms).  
2. Identify the acute presenting issue reason for hospitalisation/nursing care risk factors and potential or actual stereotyping.  
3. Evaluate case’s/patient’s health history including its impact on the person’s physical and/or mental functional status.

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