3804NRS Community Health Promotion Report A3 Essay

Subject Code & Title : 3804NRS Community Health Promotion Report A 3
Weighting : 40%
Word Count : 1200 words
Assignment Type :  Written Assignment Essay
Hyper tension is a leading risk factor for non-communicable chronic disease such as cardiovascular conditions and kidney disease. Hyper tension is related to modifiable risk factors including smoking un healthy diet and lack of physical activity. Low health literacy is an important factor that contributes to increased rates of hypertension in vulnerable individuals and groups. Community based health promotion interventions are important to address modifiable risk factors and reduce rates of hyper tension for prevention of disease.
3804NRS Community Health Promotion Report A3 Essay

3804NRS Community Health Promotion Report A3 Essay

The aim of this assignment is to develop your knowledge of important community health nursing concepts including: social determinants of health and health literacy prevention of modifiable risk factors analysis of epidemiological data and the implementation of evidence based health promotion programs interventions in community settings.

3804NRS Community Health Promotion Report A3 Essay

This written assignment addresses all three of the course learning outcomes.

Instructions :-
Using scholarly literature you need to write a 1200 word report in which you:

1. Define hypertension and outline the modifiable lifestyle risk factors that contribute to high blood pressure (suggested word count 200 words)

2. Discuss the impact of hypertension in Australia on morbidity (illness) and explain why it is described as the silent killer providing recent information/statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and/or Australian Institute for Health and Welfare (suggested word count 200 words)

3804NRS Community Health Promotion Report A3 Essay

3.Explain the link between health literacy and modifiable life style risk factors for hyper tension and give relevant Australian examples to illustrate your explanation (suggested word count 250 words)

4. Provide statistics (%) comparing rates of hypertension in adults living in rural Australia compared to rates in the general adult Australian population and explain the reasons for this difference in the p revalence of hyper tension (suggested word count 250 words)

5. Access the following full-text research protocol about a community based nurse directed inter vention delivered in primary care to improve blood pressure control:

Read and analyse this article and respond to the following
a) outline the primary and secondary objectives, study design, study setting.
b) describe patients who are eligible to participate.
c) briefly describe what and how the ImPress intervention is delivered to patients.
d) describe the specific role of nurses in delivering the intervention.
e) describe when and how the patient outcomes will be measured.
f) explain why this approach to hyper tension control is innovative and what are the potential benefits for general practice nurses (GPN’s).

3804NRS Community Health Promotion Report A3 Essay

3804NRS Community Health Promotion Report A3 Essay

Essay formatting guidelines:
Note. This task is a report rather than traditional essay so there is no need for an introduction or conclusion.

Title Page
Include student name student number total word count

Include section headings in the body of your report:

1.Definition of hypertension and modifiable risk factors

2.Hyper tension in Australia

3.Health literacy and hypertension

4.Hypertension in rural Australia

5.Nurse directed health promotion intervention

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