21644 Law And Ethics Assignment 

Law & Ethics Assignment 1: Written Brief (Individual)
This assignment will test your understanding of the content of the first five weeks types of law and regulation business structures and contracts as well as your ability to apply that knowledge to a management context. The aim is to test your awareness of the key legal questions and issues likely to face a business owner rather than detailed knowledge of the law and its precise requirements. It is designed to be authentic assessment preparing you for the likely real world situation of a manager preparing to consult a legal professional.
21644 Law And Ethics Assignment 

21644 Law And Ethics Assignment 

Scenario ;-
You wish to set up and operate a business in sport events creative enterprise or any other industry. You have a meeting arranged with your lawyer in two weeks. She is very expensive so you wish to make the most of the meeting. The lawyer has asked you to provide some information in advance so that she can be ready to advise you.

Your task is to prepare a written document (1,000-1,200 words – excluding references) that clearly provides the requested information. You can present the document as a business email This means it can be in the first person. It should use full sentences and paragraphs and can use headings but should avoid excessive use of bullet points. Her email asks the following:

1.Please provide a brief description of the purpose of your business

Here you are setting the management context for your analysis provide a proposed name for the business and describe its purpose including the goods or services it will provide.

2.What legal structure do you propose for the business and why?
Choose a legal structure and explain why this suits the nature and purpose of the business.

3.Will you need me to draft any contracts? Please name the parties involved in each contract and their key responsibilities/obligations.

21644 Law And Ethics Assignment

Choose at least THREE important relationships between the business and its stakeholders that should be defined by a contract when ‘naming the parties’ you can describe the type of relationship (e.g. employee) rather than actual name. Provide a summary of the purpose of the contract the essence of the agreement.

4.Do you have any other legal questions for example regarding licensing requirements or potential liability? Why do you think these issues could be important for the operation of your business?

Think of at least TWO legal topics and spend some time explaining why they might be an issue for your business to get ideas conduct some research around recent news events where businesses in your sector have come across legal problems.

General Assessment Tips :
You must ensure that your report is specific to your chosen business rather than to businesses in general.

You can be creative with regards to the business basing it on a dream imaginary new business whilst drawing ideas from real existing organisations.

21644 Law And Ethics Assignment 

21644 Law And Ethics Assignment 

The task is to apply the knowledge provided in the first five lectures to a business context.
If you wish to excel in this assessment you will need to explain yourself clearly and show that you have conducted research particularly in relation to the last question.
This means you need to reference your sources so that we can clearly see where you found your information. You can use either:

1. legal style footnotes see the Australian Guide to Legal Citation available
2. business style, in-text referencing – see APA referencing guide available at

For this assessment you will not lose marks for inaccurate referencing, we are not looking for perfect referencing style but do want to see evidence of quality authoritative research sources which can be government websites reports news articles as well as academic sources.

Listed below are some helpful websites we encourage you to also browse recent news articles relevant to your chosen business area to help identify practical legal challenges facing the industry.

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