11400 Professional Orientation Health Assignment 

Subject Code & Title :- 11400 Professional Orientation Health
Assessment Type :- Assignment 
Context :-
In the workplace very few people work in complete isolation Team work is a vital skill in every work environment as is reflection on your professional practice. The focus of this task is on working collaboratively with others towards a common goal. In this task you will need to negotiate with each other in your team to establish your specific topic within the set question below and consider the strengths of each member of your group when deciding how to approach it. You will be assessed as a group on your ability to effectively collaborate to deliver the end product of this task (that is, your presentation). You will also be assessed as an individual on your presentation skills.
11400 Professional Orientation Health Assignment 

11400 Professional Orientation Health Assignment 

What is required?
This assessment task is a collaborative oral group presentation. You have been placed in a small group and will work towards a presentation that will be given during your tutorial class. Your group should prepare visual materials to support your presentation, which may include but is not limited to Power Point or Prezi slides. You will have an opportunity to practice your group presentation in the Virtual Room.

Collaborative Oral Group Presentation – Collaboration in your Industry
The group presentation is about interprofessional collaboration in your specific health profession e.g. occupational therapy, medical radiation science nutrition & dietetics sport & exercise public health optometry etc.

For your group presentation you should address the question:

How and why does professional collaboration occur with in your future health profession?
With in this context you will be provided with case-based scenarios to refer to in your presentation. Using discipline specific examples and with reference to your allocated health-related scenario groups should:

1. Describe a client’s perspective of the health care team
2. Define their own discipline’s professional role(s)
3. Enumerate aspects of health care from the perspective of different professions
4. Incorporate health guidelines as relevant to your allocated scenario.

11400 Professional Orientation Health Assignment 

Each group has been allocated a different scenario to build their presentation around For guidance some more specific questions are included below you might consider some of these all of them or others not included here as relevant to your scenario:

1. What are the goals/objectives of collaboration in your profession why do people work together)?
2. Are health teams your profession works with formally defined with set roles or informally defined? Do the people in them change over time?
3. How do theories of teamwork (including those we’ve studied in this unit apply to situations commonly encountered in your health profession?
4. What are the consequences of poor collaboration in your health profession?
5. How do cultural social and professional boundaries influence collaboration with in your future profession?
6. Is collaboration in this health profession the same now as it has been in the past or has the industry shifted over time?
7. How can you incorporate current health guidelines and advice?

These additional questions are a prompt to assist you, and you are not expected to answer each in order they are facets of the over all question of how and why professional collaboration occurs with in your future health profession.

You are encouraged to consider carefully how you will present your conclusions will each group member present separately or will you switch back and forth between you? How will you use visual elements?

You will need to create visual materials for example Power Point or Prezi slides to support your presentation and submit these on Canvas by 2 nd May. Each student should post the presentation separately. You will present to your tutorial class and will be assessed by your tutor.

11400 Professional Orientation Health Assignment 

All students are expected to attend their allocated tutorial group during Week 13 to listen to the group presentations as well as present their own group work. Group Presentation time length will depend on group numbers – 2 minutes are allocated for each group member to speak and each member is required to speak. Assessment will include a group mark for the content of the oral presentation as well as an individual mark for your part of the presentation.

Other useful information – FAQ’s
How will Assignment 3 be marked?
This task will be marked by teaching staff using the rubric on the Assignment 3 submission page on UC Learn Canvas. Most of the criteria apply to the group as a whole and everyone in the group will get the same mark for the presentation itself. The criterion for your own performance during the presentation itself will be marked individually.

What if I don’t like my group? Can I change to another one?
No. Groups for this assignment are randomly assigned by the Unit Convenor and are not negotiable. You might not be in a group with your friends. Once groups are assigned they will not be changed except in extreme circumstances at the approval and instruction of the Unit Convenor. This is reflective of a workplace environment you are not always able to choose the people you work with but would need to form productive relationships with those people regardless of your personal feelings.

Any students who choose to proceed with a different group than the one they were assigned will be considered not to have met the requirements of this task and receive a fail grade for the task.

What should I do if I can’t contact my group members?
After groups have been assigned, if you cannot contact any of your group members you should contact your Tutor or the Unit Convenor, who will attempt to contact the group member through contact details recorded in the University database. In extreme situations where contact cannot be made with a group member the Unit Convenor may remove that person from the group to ensure no other group members are dis advantaged.

If our group has lost a member do we still have to complete their component?
Yes. You may use the additional two minutes allocated to that person if needed.

What happens if my group isn’t working well together?
If your group is not making progress and your efforts to change this have not worked you should advise your Tutor of your situation by the end of week 11. Your tutor or the convenor may decide to bring your group together for a whole group moderation meeting to discuss what has happened and advise your whole group on how to proceed.

What do we do if one of our group members can’t be there on the day of our presentation due to mis adventure?

A group member’s absence on the presentation day is treated the same as any other request for an extension. If there is a legitimate reason because of extenuating circumstances (e.g. illness, an accident, etc.) then evidence must be provided and an extension for the whole group can be granted on that basis with an alternative time for presenting agreed between the group and the tutor or an alternative staff member if necessary.

As with any other assignment if a student is aware they will not be present they should notify their group members Tutor and the Unit Convenor as soon as possible.In the event that a group member does not attend the presentation and does not have a legitimate claim for an extension the rest of the group will be marked for the presentation component.

Can we record our presentation and play this on the day?
Yes but you will still need to be present to answer any questions arising from your presentation. You should have your camera switched on and include yourself in any recording not just a voiceover Power point presentation.

Why do we have to submit our ‘materials’ before we present, and what does this include?
The materials that support your presentation might include PowerPoint slides or other digital visual aids. Each group member is required to submit these prior to presenting as confirmation of having participated in the creation of the presentation and to ensure equity across your class. Time during tutorials can be very tight. If every group needs to upload their slides before they start the time between presentations becomes very long. By submitting earlier your tutor can bring all the materials for all the groups together in one folder before the tutorial, and when it comes time to present each group simply opens their own files.

Does everyone in our group have to submit a copy of our materials?
Yes. This is important because it confirms that you have participated in the creation of your group’s end product that is your presentation itself. If a group member does not participate in the assignment please do not give them a copy of the presentation to upload.

So how do you do that? You might refer to a particular study or statistic as you are speaking or have a citation or direct link on the screen. You will need to decide the best way to make it clear to your audience that your source is credible (you might just include the citation or perhaps you might talk about the organisation that undertook the study as well as how it is relevant to your proposal. You should include a formal reference list at the end of your presentation so someone watching your proposal can find the same information you did or perhaps you will include these throughout the presentation itself. You will need to decide what will aid your presentation best without interrupting the flow of what you are saying.

We are completing our tutorials online and do not attend the campus. What should we do?
You should arrange team meetings to ensure progress is being made and that you have a cohesive and polished final presentation. If you cannot meet face to face you could use Zoom or similar or the UCLearn Canvas site Virtual Room (Course room or Presentation Practise Room options) to meet and rehearse your presentation.

Each group has been allocated a homepage on the unit Canvas site that you can use to communicate with each other to find go to People then Groups your group will come up and you click on Visit). There are several tools here, including Pages Discussions and Collaborations that may be useful.

Alternative collaboration tools such as One Drive Google Docs Facebook etc can also be also used. In addition you were asked to download Zoom and practice communicating during a tutorial. Zoom would be a useful tool to hold group meetings.

For the actual presentation delivery you should be ‘present’ in the virtual classroom for the presentations.

When we present does one person present their section and the next just commence immediately after or will there be a short break for questions?

11400 Professional Orientation Health Assignment 

11400 Professional Orientation Health Assignment 

No breaks Each person presents each part like it is one presentation Questions at the end One person driving the slides in your team.

What order will we be presenting in?
The Group Presentation (Ass 3) topics and are available on the modules page. The order of presentations will be in the order your group appears on the sheet. All students are expected to attend all presentations.

Individual assignments are much more convenient as they do not require us to rely on others. Therefore we do not have to worry about communication issues which is a major part of the assignment), etc.

The learning outcomes for 11400 are:
1. Identify the personal skills, capabilities and knowledge necessary to meet the standards expected by health graduates in their chosen field;
2. Map out their academic and professional trajectories over the next five years in a portfolio;
3. Demonstrate a capacity to work collaboratively as part of a team to achieve academic and real-world/professional goals; and
4. Recognise how cultural social and professional boundaries identities and expectations influence communication as relevant to the health professions.

Whilst number 3 is particularly relevant and the reason why a group assignment was originally selected the others require you to chart your professional growth and development of the capabilities required of a health professional. I would argue that resilience problem solving communication in sometimes trying circumstances flexibility and teamwork are essential characteristics for a health professional.

11400 Professional Orientation Health Assignment 

The point of a group presentation is that you DO have to rely on others and developing your teamwork skills would be a good advantage. If we only do things that are convenient in health care not much would get done.

How can we obtain extra support to help complete the assignment?
Each week tutorial time has been allocated to ‘Assessment help’, offering the opportunity to ask questions and clarify concepts. In addition questions can be directed to the Discussions page of Canvas or emailed to POH-converner@canberra.edu.au We also strongly encourage you to source and use the support services offered through UC for example the Study Skills.

A list of these services are available under the Student Resources section in the Modules page of the unit UCLearn Canvas site. Previous lectures and tutorials contained content on team building skills time management professional communication, etc and would be useful resources.

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